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At IBEW Local 5 FCU , we offer many different types of accounts, suiting needs of all different kinds. Check out some of what we offer below:

Share Accounts

A share savings account offers safety and convenience, with competitive yields and no limitations on deposits and withdrawals. A $25.00 deposit into your Share Account establishes your membership and enables you to take advantage of all our other financial services.

Dividends Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield
Dividends Compounded Quarterly
Dividends Credited Quarterly
Dividend Period Quarterly (calendar)
Last Dividend Declaration Date: March 26, 2022
Balance Requirements
Minimum Opening Deposit $25.00
Minimum Balance to Earn the Stated APY $250.01
Balance Method Average Daily Balance
Dividends Paid last Quarter
.10% APY  from $250.01 to $5,000.00
 .30% APY from $5,000.01 and over

Accounts closed before the end of a dividend period Will not receive dividends for that period. Rates may change periodically. Please refer to the Truth-In-Savings disclosure that you received when you opened up your account.


Low-cost loans are one of the greatest benefits of credit union membership. Whether you are financing your first car, your dream home or a college education for your kids, you will find low rates, affordable payments and personal service right here at IBEW Local 5 FCU .

  • New and Used Auto Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • New and Used Motorcycle Loans
  • Signature Loans
  • Boats, Motor Homes, and Trailers

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

Money management is simple and automatic with these two free services:

Routing #243086496

Direct Deposit – Your paycheck, Social Security check, pension or government payment can be electronically deposited directly into your credit union account. With Direct Deposit your money is available sooner, and you’ll never have to worry about a lost or stolen check.

Payroll Deduction – This great service lets you specify a portion of your paycheck to be deposited into different accounts, enabling you to save or pay back loans automatically.

Complete Automotive Coverage – In addition to the best Auto Loans in town, we offer additional services to help make your driving experience worry-free to include warranties and GAP protection.

Other Services for IBEW Local#5 FCU Members

  • Free Notary Services to members
  • Dues paid to IBEW Local Union #5 , from account, upon request
  • Payments made to Secretary of Funds for benefits from account
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